The social network of your hobbies

Go out and share your favorite hobbies with new people. Wayoot is the first site dedicated to creating activities to go out and meet new friends.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, I co-founded the start up with a developer partner. I was in charge of the global brand management, User Experience, design and digital marketing.

Position: Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer

Enthusiast Brand Identity

After creating the business plan, craft our core values and validating our ideas with the a panel of potential customer, we started to design our first visual identity.
This exercise allowed us to disseminate our value through a logo, but also a series of first stages design. The dynamise, the encounter, the joyful aspect and discovery were important for the user to understand our values instantaneously.
A range of colors, a design axis and an editorial charter have been created to drive the visual message on all communication medias.

The platform

I created the first platform of Wayoot, drove by user research, but also an intense interaction job.

The wall of activities

Creation of a geolocated activity wall that allows for quickly find an activity but also made an advanced search by activity, interest, location or good plan.

Creation of the algorithme to help user decision to find the perfect activity

UX thinking to create a simple and interactive activity card design.

The activity​

Elaboration of an activity page optimized for search engines as well as a simple and effective design.

The goal was to create a page to help users to understand the activity but also facilitate the sign up under 30 sec

Chat & Mailbox

I developed a discussion system between platform users by creating a complete user experience

UX reflexion of the notification, the writing of message up to the link with the activity


Search Activities

One of my challenges was to achieve a complete experience to quickly propose the activity in relation to user needs and to make the inscription intuitive and frictionless.

Easy search

Our users mostly arrive from google with a search and a specific idea. My mission was to serve them quickly or allow them to refine their research to achieve their goal.

After many user testing & iterations, we reached:

to find the matching activity

Based on our user tests and our customer acquisition objectives, we have created an experience that makes registering activities as easy as possible.

Spread the concept

The concept of Wayoot is innovative, that’s why we decided to create a series of videos in order to explain it easily.

The concept

We created a video in short format to facilitate understanding of the concept instantaneously, and increase our presence on social networks.

We developed many other videos on different kind of activities

{Food} campain

Creation of thematic and automated advertising campaign on Facebook and instagram offering to register for activities.

In this case, we propose to register for an activity “cooking & Fooding”

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