Bouygues Telecom


Bouygues Telecom

One of the largest French telecom

In communication agency, I had the chance to work for more than 5 years for Bouygues Telecom, from the creation of advertising campaign to the digitization of all stores across France.

Position: Digital Art Director

Ads 360° Bbox Sensation

Participation in the realization of a campaign for the launch of Bbox Fiber at Bouygues Telecom.
We thought of digitizing all points of sale by creating an virtual reality (VR) application connected in all the french stores.

Store digitalization

A shopping itinerary, sales brochures and emailings have been designed to convey this “digitalisation” to the consumer.
The interactive application also allowed to have access to a presentation of the Bbox and new features directly on your mobile from any street poster!
Digitalization of 2,700 stores throughout France

National campaign

Realization of national campaigns, store highlights and CRM activation in France.

+230k street display

I had the honor of doing many national campaigns for Bouygues Telecom, like the one based on point-of-sale advice and customer loyalty.

Communications linked by in-store highlights highlighting the importance of advice and technology. Pacques, Noel or back to school, all these themes allowed us to animate / rhythm the year.

Ideo 24/24

Animation and campaign creation annex on various formats: 4 × 3, posters, posters, store support, ...

Mobility Key

Launch of the mobility campaign based on a new internet consumption system: The 3G key.

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Bouygues Telecom

One of the largest French telecom

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