Swiss leader in online banking

Swissquote wants to be the world’s most pioneering and intuitive online bank. They challenge conventions with the delivery of innovation and technology in the banking industry.

My mission was to lead the revamping of the brand image, the User Experience of our websites, the UI transformation of the trading application and the overall art direction.

Position: Associate Director Digital Marketing & Art Director








New Visual Identity

To present our product all around the world, we decided to upgrade the visual branding of the Forex at Swissquote.

In this way, we created and photographed new muses who represent our core values, vision in the forex and the potential target for this market across different countries.

Pro. & Premium
Commodities Market


Digital First

Set up the music on the web

Once our unique identity has been created, we started to create our corporate website to stream our vision and product across the web.

Advanced UX Design

I created the full range of corporate websites.

I reflected my work with user research, synthesizing research into insights and ideas, UX/UI design, interaction design, prototyping, user testing, and illustration

9 languages

One of the challenges has been to create fully customizable and adaptable websites over time. We had to create a site in 3 languages ​​and add it as we go to 9 languages, including Arabic (and its meaning of RTL reading)

Multi devices

We have obviously used good practice UX, and thought our websites “mobile first”. This allowed us to have a simplified experience and usable on all devices


Design Transformation Strategy

Like any interactive platform, it’s essential to lead changes and improve UX & Design consistently to keep things looking good.

Let make it Bit by bit

One of my mission was to plan and drive this change. I created a strategy of change around the design and UX of our platform.

For this, we met the users, made use cases and drew conclusions to improve the user experience of the tools.

We then started to create guidelines for all components, color and interaction systems and then set up a change schedule to homogenize the entire platform.

+ screens
has been redesigned

Apps Design

During this period, I helped to set up the new UI trading application with our partner communication agency.

I also created the communication on our social media network around those apps and design new advertising based on our last mobile technology, the Touch ID authentication.

Partenship with Manchester United

We conclude a large and gobal partnership with Manchester United, one of the most popular football team in the world.So we create many communication to create bridges between the brand and the club’s star.


Thanks to our partnership with Manchester United, we have set up activation campaigns in order to increase our customer bases.
These pages have been created to make the user journey as easy as possible and increase the rate of conversion.
+ campaigns
created in 2 years
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Swiss leader in online banking


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