Locate your loved ones in real time

This geolocation device by GPS high precision, allowing a real-time monitoring

I created the brand identity and strategy, in charge of the digital projects and responsible for the UX design from the mobile application to the website.

Position:  Head of Branding, UX and Design

Brand Identity

I created the brand identity for Swap, based on the exchange and connections between people.
This symbol has for meaning, the double link between the one who has the SWAP GPS and the other one who follow and take care.
The range of color has been chosen regarding the value that we stream. The orange that brings us the dynamism of people which have the GPS, and the “king blue” for the aspect of surveillance and security.

Design Apps

The primary purpose of the Swap Apps was having your loved ones in your pocket! So, this app is dedicated to parents (40 to 60) who want to take care of his children or his grandparents.

The goal was to create a clean, user-friendly mobile App with interactive notifications to be alerted in real time. Our users are not completely native with smartphone and app and we should provide them an Apps simple to use without any changes or advanced setting that could be lost them.

On your wrist


Once the application is successful and the test phase finalized, we have created a website to stream the concept as many people as possible
“Buying is like adopting a solution that suits your needs, so testing it is the first step towards buying”

Open Plateform

To convince our visitors that the product is revolutionary and made for them, we bet on our open plateform.

Instead of losing the visitor in features and endless testimonials, we propose to test the application directly!

Once the user is sure that the product is suitable for its use, it is simpler for us to transform this purchase that becomes natural.

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Locate your loved ones in real time

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