Product, Brand & UX Director.

I am a hybrid creative guy, specialized in Branding Management, Design Strategy & User Experience

Who I am

I am a French Art Director & UX Designer passionate by brand management and innovative design methodology. I build and improve impactful, meaningful digital products.

Brand Management

I am specialized in the creation of the brand image to his evolution on the different channels from print to digital

Design & UX lover

With a designer background, I realized artistic direction and created UX experience for several companies

Blogger Passionate

I created my own blog where I love discovering new artists, writing and sharing articles with my community

Projects playground

I have been fortunate to work & create experience for several industries, companies on different fields

Social Network


A social network dedicated to the hobbies, where I was in charge of the global brand management, UX design & digital marketing.


ePrivate Banking

I created the global brand image, designed all the support, improve the product’s UX and communicate around these values.


My mission was to lead the redesign of the brand image, the User Experience of our websites, the transformation of the UI of the application and the overall art direction of the company.